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Before you plant your next seeds or clones… Sign up to watch this FREE VIDEO TRAINING.

Scotty Real is giving away his best secrets for growing the dankest herbs you’ve ever seen.

This EXCLUSIVE Guide Reveals:

  • The best soil for growing cannabis in (and popular soils you’ll want to avoid)
  • The secret link between plants and people that will instantly make you a better grower
  • What to look for when buying LED lights for your grow (and what to watch out for)
  • The pcorrect (and easiest) way to to set up your ventilation system
  • The best way to maintain complete control over your growing environment
  • Three simple ways to maximize flower groth in your plants
  • How to avoid the most common ways growers accidentally kill their plants
  • The easiest way to feed your plants and make sure they get the most from your nutrients (this one’s still a closely guarded secret in the growing community)
  • And a lot more


Warning: This is a 40 minute training.

Scotty has over 20 years of experience growing high value plants, and you’re about to get a firehose of information.

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